It was the stars perchance. The wind possibly. Ocean currents perhaps.

I don't know how we ended up here together, but am I ever glad that we arrived.


formerly Ashley Skjaveland



I am the dreamer of ceaseless dreams. Some dreams I want to devour me whole; I want to run with them into the wild the moment they enter my thoughts. Some dreams I wish to dream casually until lunch. Both nourish me in equal measure. Empath. Lion Heart. Tightrope Walker. Queen. I am a harsh, brutal jungle and the mother of wild things. I am silken flower petals, kindness and honey. Maker. Artist. My door is open to Muse and I will gladly surrender to her wholly. My heart often breaks in beautiful and ugly ways. Golden light pours through the cracks and slivers. Unruly wildflowers grow in the rubble. Fire Starter. I will strike a match if something needs to burn. I am fierce and I am soft. So very soft. 

I express and heal myself through the same mediums and means. Writing. Painting. Photo taking. Mess making. Incidentally, it's also how I support myself and my four daughters. I appreciate every drop of love given to my art and being. I breathe it deep and hold it close to my still beating heart.


my work:

I am a professional photographer based in Red Deer AB, and for twelve years have specialized in pregnancy, newborn and baby photography. For twelve years I have watched families grow and made amazing friends along the way. The gratitude I have for this honour is beyond what words typed upon a screen can express.

Along with noted international acclaim from both clients and peers, I have been given beautiful opportunities to teach industry professionals around the world my personal approach to newborn photography. While remaining selective in my teaching schedule, in years past I have traveled within Canada, the US, as well as Australia and have seen my NEWBORN mentoring guide inspire photographers worldwide.

In addition to photography, I have many creative offerings that I'm eager to release soon. Please watch this space for news and updates.


It is my great pleasure to meet you. ox.